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Butterfly Gardening Blog

Welcome! This blog is mostly about butterfly gardening, but other types of plants and gardens, as well as other wildlife is blogged about too.

May 4, 2009

Fenton Garden Club at Shaw Nature Reserve

Filed under: other gardens — Butterflygirl @ 8:10 pm

I contacted the Fenton Garden Club recently and asked them about joining. They invited me to their next meeting which was scheduled to be at Shaw Nature Reserve, today. So I went and had a great time!

I just wish I would have thought to take more pictures than I did!

All the pictures can be clicked on to see a bigger version.

The guide we had for the tour was James, who was extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife at Shaw. He was also very patient with all my (and everyone else’s) questions!

This first picture is of Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja coccinea). I believe that is the right scientific name, correct me if I’m wrong. It was growing in one of the prairie areas.

This next picture was taken as we were walking into the wildflower garden. In it you can see a beautiful pink dogwood, some yellow senecio flowers and the pale purple flowers of phlox divaricata

Here is a picture of mostly phlox, I think phlox divaricata, with a little bit of rose verbena (Glandularia canadensis) in front:

I have a habit of taking pictures of signs so that I can read the information on them later. They had a good one about bees. I wish I could identify more of the bee and bee-like species around my garden.

This sign mostly caught my attention because of the little frog on it – it was so cute:

I learned something new about honey bees from this part:

There was also a very informative sign about tall grass prairies. I couldn’t get all the text in one picture though, so you will have to read part of it in the second picture:

Around that time it was getting late and we had to leave.

Thank you garden club members for letting me tag along!

If you want to see more pictures of Shaw, I wrote a few posts last year from when I visited:

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April 26, 2009

Chinese Days at the Botanical Gardens

Filed under: other gardens — Butterflygirl @ 6:10 pm

We went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens for Chinese Days again this year. I’m not usually at the garden this time of year so there were different things blooming than what I am used to seeing there. Mostly tulips.

In the morning our arbor/trellis/whatever-you-call-it blew over in the morning and my husband had to set it back up before we could leave:

Here’s some pictures of the tulips:

Here’s the entrance to the Chinese garden. This a traditional entrance to a Chinese garden, a moon gate, and is circular to symbolize perfection.

And the sign at the entrance:

This is the beautiful pond area in the Chinese garden. Both the bridge and the overlook were carved in China from white marble:

Here is the parade just as it was finishing up:

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