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While it may not be possible for us as individuals to save the entire world, we can do some things to improve our little corner of it
- our own property and our neighborhoods.

One way we can do this is to grow plants on our property that are native to our region. This will help our ecosystem by providing quality food and shelter to local wildlife, including butterflies.

If you are new to butterfly gardening, I suggest you start reading the articles in my 'Articles' section, such as the Introduction article.

If you already have some knowledge of butterfly gardening, you may want to start looking at the pages set up for individual butterfly and plant species.


Spring is coming! Last summer was a bad butterfly year, at least for my garden. I hope this coming season will be much better! Unfortunately the garden doesn't look at nice now because of the fencing we had to put around it to protect the plants from the dog. Mayb someday we will be able to get something that looks a bit nicer!

I've started a new site at ButterflySonatas.com for the items I'm selling and plan to keep this domain for more informational stuff about how to create a butterfly garden. I will soon be selling prints of my photography and other items. I hope to be able to make my own mugs rather than sell them at my Cafepress store. Please read about the new site here.

I've updated some pages on this site last year, but I still have a lot to do. There are many more nectar plants that I have now that I don't yet have a page for. I also need to add more to the articles section.


Need ideas for unique gifts? Or want to be more eco-friendly? I have a Cafepress store featuring my butterfly photography including canvas tote bags that are make great reusable grocery bags!

See more great gift ideas here: clothing, mugs, magnets, tote bags and more! They all make great gifts - but my favorite are the framed tiles!

box that links to my site about how to create a butterfly garden.
Instead of lamenting the absurdity of the world let us try to transform the corner of it into which we were born. - Andre Maurois

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