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Welcome! This blog is mostly about butterfly gardening, but other types of plants and gardens, as well as other wildlife is blogged about too.

April 14, 2009

Over-wintering pupa

Filed under: Butterfly Garden — Butterflygirl @ 4:28 pm

Someone asked about how I keep my pupa over the winter. I used to have an enclosure that I could raise caterpillars in and let them pupate also. It started falling apart and I don’t have a new one yet. I don’t really raise that many anymore anyway, so I don’t have that many to overwinter.

The ones I do have I keep in canning jars, and use mosquito netting to allow air circulation but to keep predators out. They’ve usually pupated on sticks which I can then break to fit into the jar. And I keep the jar outside, usually close to the house.

Here is a picture of one jar from the top:

Here is just the lid and the netting:

The netting is the kind with only really small holes. Some parasitic wasps are very small and it has to be able to keep them out. Here’s a close up the netting, my camera doesn’t do close ups of tiny things though, so it may not be that helpful:

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  1. on April 17th, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    Hi! Thanks for this post! My kids and I have been raising butterflies indoors for several years but to date we have not managed to get any to survive diapause. The first time we tried I was very ignorant and kept the Black Swallowtail chrysalis indoors without giving it any moisture. Nothing ever happened – I guess it dried out now that I know more about it. The second time we had 10-15 Black Swallowtail chrysalises and we put them outside so they would be exposed to the natural elements (and natural rain/moisture). They did great for about 1-2 months until some predator (mouse?, lizard?) found them then they disappeared very quickly – before I had time to figure it out and save some. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts and thank you for the great info and pictures! We have a young website devoted to raising butterflies indoors at http://www.joyfulbutterfly.com. It is a hobby we all love and really enjoy sharing with others. I know you realize that anybody bit by the butterfly metamorphosis does not let it go easily! Thanks Again!

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