Lots of Butterflies now!

Yesterday, 8/6, I wasn't out too much because I didn't feel very well the night before. I did see a few butterflies though. A couple of monarchs were both flying around at the same time, and I found more Monarch eggs. I also found two eggs on one of my Hop Trees, don't know if they are Tiger or Giant Swallowtails. My Passion Vine Bloomed for the first time too! Today I went to the Butterfly House again to volunteer. It was a nice day there. Saw a number of different swallowtails and a Monarch or two. They had some Baptisia australis plants there they were giving away - I found eggs on some of them so I took one home. Not sure what they are yet. But when I got home I found even more butterflies! Right away, I saw a Great Spangled Fritillary flying around. I was able to get closer to this one than I have to any of them before. Hopefully some of the pictures I got turned out ok. There was also a dark form female Tiger Swallowtail flying around, and a regular yellow Tiger Swallowtail. I saw a Red Spotted Purple and a Question Mark on my bananas. And then later, a Buckeye hung around for quite a while and I was able to get pretty close to it also, and hopefully the pictures I took of it will be good too! Saw a Monarch here too. Oh yeah, six of those Giant Swallowtail eggs I found a few days ago hatched today too! The little guy, the Question Mark or Comma from August 1st is still doing ok, I guess, it hasn't grown very much yet though. I can't forget - I also saw many skippers, blues and hairstreaks and a few sulfurs!