Zebras and Spicebushes!

Sat., the 18th I found 3 Spicebush Swallowtail caterpillars on my spicebushes, actually 4, but something had attacked one and it was dying. Then the next morning, sun the 19th, I found a Spicebush Swallowtail egg too! First I've ever seen a egg of theirs in my garden, usually I just see the caterpillars first. I don't have a picture of a Spicebush egg yet on my site either. I took some pictures, hopefully they will turn out ok. Then - I saw a Zebra Swallowtail nectaring in my garden! I've hardly ever seen those around our yard at all! Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of it though, it flew away too fast. Hopefully it will be back sometime so I can get a picture of it too, since I don't have a Zebra Swallowtail picture at all either. The past week or so, including today, I have seen a really large Great Spangled Fritillary flying around, but it also won't sit still long enough for me to get a picture of it! The plants in the garden are doing generally well. The purple coneflowers in my main garden area are not doing too well though, a couple look diseased or something and they are none as tall as they should be. My profusion white butterfly bush has not started blooming yet, but the others have. And my Passion Vine is doing real well this year! I have lots of pages to add to this site too, especially for plants, but for butterflies too. Hopefully I will have the time soon!