Six Monarchs, 2 Painted Ladies and a Tiger Swallowtail!

This morning right before 9 AM, I went outside and saw 6 Monarchs, 2 Painted Ladies and a Tiger Swallowtail all nectaring in my garden! That's a lot for around here! Then just a little while later I saw a Buckeye and a Cloudless Sulfur too - pretty much at the same time! And of course, lots of skippers were around too! I noticed the Painted Ladies were all on the Rudbeckia laciniata (sp?) - which is around 6-8 feet tall now! I see them on it a lot. Almost all of my Variegated Fritillaries are pupating now - just two more to go! And this morning one of them emerged from its chrysalis too! I didn't have time to get any pictures of it though. Right before dark tonight I went outside and watch the hummingbird fight for a while. That's always entertaining!