The Tigers are invading!

Lots of Tiger Swallowtails lately! And lots of catching up to do! Sat, 7/30, at the Butterfly House I saw 2 Spicebush Swallowtails at the same time. Then later a Monarch and also a Pearl Crescent (or something that looked like one). On Sunday, in my garden, at one point there were two different black form Tiger Swallowtails flying and around and nectaring. And later, if I remember right, later there was a yellow form female also. Monday, too I saw a couple black form Tigers. Still no eggs though on any of the host plants for them. Tuesday my mom had surgery so I was not around a lot. Saw some butterflies when I got home though. Today, 8/3 - lots more more butterflies around again! At one point today there were 4 different species of large butterflies all flying around at the same time! A dark form Tiger, a Pipevine Swallowtail, a Monarch and just briefly a Giant Swallowtail. This was the firsts Giant I've seen this year. None appear to have laid any eggs. Although the Monarch may have. Then later a male Tiger hung around for a while too. Most were nectaring on my white butterfly bush and on some zinnias. The Variegated Fritillaries are doing great! They are two weeks old today! Not pupating yet though, but they seem healthy.