First Monarch 2005

Sunday April 17, I saw a Monarch flying around and laying eggs. This is the earliest I've even seen one in my garden! Unfortunately the milkweed plants have not grow very much yet, they are only barely coming up out of the ground. She laid a bunch of eggs anyway though, several to a plant that was just barely there even. It's early, but did she lay so many on plants that can't possibly support that many caterpillars because she couldn't find any other milkweed growing near by? (Since most people tend to have their yards filled with non-native grasses and other non-native plants?) Or was it simply that it is just too early? I also saw a Tiger Swallowtail fly through the yard. I think it is the earliest I've seen one of these too. I'm guessing these early (for my anyway) sightings are due to it being warmer and drier here than what it has been for the last 2-3 years (at least).