First American Lady 2005

I've already been bad about not updating this blog this year! I'm even having to write some back entries for butterfly sightings from a few days ago! Anyway, on Friday, April 15, I saw an American Lady butterfly flying around my garden and laying eggs! Only the second year I've even seen this species in my garden! And I don't even have as many host plants for it this year. Apparently a couple of the plants I was growing for it are biennials and didn't come back up this year. And my pussytoes (which I don't have a page up for yet) are not growing as well this year. But she didn't seem to care and laid some eggs anyway. I need to check and how many flights Vanessa virginiensis has each year in this area. I wonder if I will have any more laying eggs or not this year? Last year I only noticed eggs and caterpillars once, early in the spring then too.