First Monarch in my garden!

Late morning today I saw a Tiger Swallowtail possibly the same one from yesterday. And then a Spicebush Swallowtail flew past me, maybe the same one from yesterday too. Also, yesterday I saw that the Comma or Question Mark egg I found a few days ago was starting to turn dark so I took a cutting of the plant it was growing on and brought it inside. This morning it hatched! It's very tiny! Only about 1mm or so long and very then. It has been eating a tiny hole in its leaf. It didn't eat its egg shell though, don't know if that is usual or not for this species. Then a little later I saw a Monarch, a female, nectaring on lantana! The first I've seen this year in my garden! -------------------------- update - about an hour later: I found one Monarch egg, I'm sure there are more though. Also - my passion vine is starting to get flower buds on it! --------------------- Later on more butterflies were around too, even two Tiger Swallowtails at the same time. And a Question Mark kept flittering around and landing on my head.