Beautiful day out!

Wow! I went back outside again a little after my last entry and saw more butterflies! First, a Giant Swallowtail was nectaring on the lantana, also on some milkweed - both Butterfly Weed and Swamp Milkweed. Then a little later I was outside and saw what was either a Comma or Question Mark fluttering around my False Nettle patch! I ran down to it and was able to find one of the eggs it laid. I think it must have laid more though, but I couldn't find them. The egg is green and really blends in with the leaf. I read that they lay them on the underside of the leaf, but this was right on the edge of a leaf. I haven't taken a picture yet, but probably will tomorrow. This will be my first chance to raise any of this species! I hope it goes ok. Also saw a couple of large sized sulfurs from a distance. Second entry: It's been raining and cool and cloudy here the past couple of days - so no butterflies! :( But today - its beautiful out! I was only out a couple of minutes and saw three nice butterflies! 1 - a comma or question mark - couldn't get close enough to see which, but it was nectaring on lantana. First I've seen of that, they usually prefer rotting fruit. Maybe my bananas are too dried out now. 2 - a Painted Lady, second I've seen this year. 3 - a red spotted purple - nectaring on rattlesnake master - they usually prefer rotting fruit also. Second I've this year too. And the hummingbirds are everywhere - at least 4 flying around everytime I go out! I hope I have time to out some again later!