short garden update

Saw a Zebra Swallowtail in the garden very briefly over the weekend, it was just finishing up nectaring on a Butterfly Weed. I may have seen a Great Spangled Fritillary yesterday too, just got a glimse of the butterfly so I'm not certain, but that is what it looked kind of like. It's raining today - so no butterflies. I have other work I need to get done now anyway. Hopefully, if I work hard enough now, in August - the peak butterfly season here - I will have more spare time to just sit outside and look at butterflies. As far as the garden is doing: the purple milkweed is already done blooming - got some nice pictures of it I'll have to get on the site soon. Haven't seen any Monarch eggs on any milkweed yet though. My baptisia australis is not doing well, may need to buy another one. Most other plants are doing fine though.