Spring is here!

Hello! Spring is finally getting here! I have seen a few butterflies recently but did not have the time to add those sightings to my blog. I have a family member who is really sick and that has make it difficult to work on this site. Most likely I will be spending quite a bit of the summer out of town, with relatives. I have ordered a laptop though, to take with me so I will be able to update this from there also. There is a good possibility I will see more butterflies from their house than my own anyway. I also have not been able to buy a digital camera yet, so there will be delays in added pictures to the blog for quite a while. Butterflies I have seen so far this year have been 1-3 sulfurs, couldn't identify which species. A whiTe - don't know the species either. A blue or hairstreak that I couldn't get close enough to identify either. And one larger butterfly that I think may have been a Comma or Question Mark. All three of my Tiger Swallowtails I had overwintering emerged from their chrysalids in the past week or two. Two were black form females, the other a yellow one, don't know if it was male or female. It's back wings looked a little deformed, but later I saw it fly away, so I guess it was ok. The garden is coming along fine so far. Most of my perennials are already coming back up again. Only one of my Swamp Milkweeds so far though, and the Butterfly Weeds are only just beginning to show. I'm concerned that my false nettle may not come back up. Not sure how early I should expect it though. I still have some seeds left, so I may start some more anyway. My passion vine isn't back up either, but I wouldn't expect it to be. I have lots of plants in the house under lights started from seeds and there are a few plants I'm still going to buy. I'm going to experiment with growing some host plant trees in large pots and see how that goes. I've had to disallow comments to be left in my blog from now on because of people trying to leave links in their comments to inappropriate sites. If you have questions or comments please go to my Contact page. If there is enough interest I may add a message board at some point.