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December 09, 2003

a couple more pages done

Yesterday I finished the Tiger Swallowtail page and today I did the
Giant Swallowtail
page. It's taking longer than I had hoped to get the site done.

Posted by butterflygirl at 01:53 PM

December 01, 2003

60's in November

Yesterday (11/30) the temperature got into the lower 60's. Another Black Swallowtail came out of its chrysalis. The day before (11/29) I saw a Painted Lady flying around and my husband said he saw a black colored butterfly, he thought it was a swallowtail, but I think it most likely was a Red Spotted Purple (I didn't see it though).

I got all the pictures scanned in and ready for the Tiger Swallowtail page, but don't have the text of the page written yet.

Posted by butterflygirl at 05:28 PM