One page done!

I haven't been able to work on the rest of this site as much as I had wanted to, but I at least got one page done! It's the Black Swallowtail page. More coming soon. Actually, I got a couple articles in the Articles section done too. (Many of the other links don't go to anything yet.) About two weeks ago, on the 4th, a couple more Black Swallowtails came out of the chrysalis, way too late in the year! It was close to 80 that day, I think the weather has been confusing them. It was 20-30 degress cooler the next day. It warmed up more, and later in the week another came out. Kind of lost track of which day though. Or maybe that was last wednesday (12), it warmed up quite a bit that day too. The weather has been weird. Other than that the only other adults butterflies have been a sulfur now and then, and a couple weeks ago an occasional Painted Lady. I've been spending time getting bird feeders ready for the birds and reading about different types of bird seed. Maybe I'll put some of that information on this site some time too. And gathering seeds from my plants for next year too.