caterpillars - 9/30

It's rainy out and it's getting kind of cold too, so at this point there are not many adult butterflies flying around. Just an occasional Painted Lady or maybe a Monarch. Still quite a few caterpillars around though. I now have 16 of them in my office! (and more outside!) Black Swallowtails Of those 5 little ones I found that one day, 4 are 5th instar and getting really big and eating a lot. The 5th is still much smaller. I don't know why it hasn't developed at the same rate as the others. It seems healthy though. I also brought in a few other Black Swallowtail caterpillars that were outside. It is so cold out that they are developing really slow outside. Monarchs I found a few Monarch caterpillars outside and brought them in too. One is now ready to pupate, but I still have 4 smaller ones left in here. I have one Monarch chrysalis outside too. sulfurs Over the past couple of days, they both starting pupating. Painted Ladies I haven't gotten as good of pictures of these as I would have liked either. The way they hide in little nests makes it really hard to see when they are molting, so I don't know which instar is which. I have about 6 in chrysalids, a few more outside as caterpillars and there are still some in the garden too. Spicebush Swallowtails These are both outside. One, the last I checked this morning, still hasn't done it's final molt. The other has been turning yellow over the last few days. I don't even know if it is eating anymore or not. It is alive though, but it just sits though.