caterpillars - 9/26

I finished expanding one of my garden areas today. I planted a small butterfly bush I started from a cutting, some small willows started from cuttings and one of the prickly ashes someone gave me. I will plant more stuff in there next year. I just got finished planting when it started raining really hard. Black SwallowtailsLast of the 4 bigger ones has molted. These 4 are all 4th instar now. Right after molting, the white band still shows, but after a while its not as visible. Maybe because their skin stretches? Their size ranges are: 1.4, 1.5/1.6, 1.6 and one nearly 2 cm. Spicebush the other one is still 3.5 cm long and not doing anything sulfurs Got pictures at 2.7, 2.8 cm. Still green with white stripe along sides, with some really small black dots and tiny short pink lines. Don't know how they will show up in pictures though.