Nothing but caterpillar updates

Still some Painted Ladies around and a Monarch now and then. So most entries will just be caterpillar updates at this point. Black Swallowtails One molted again. Lighter now, with more stripes/bands showing. Lots of orange spikes. Got pictures right after molting, at about 1.3 cm (kind of stretched out). Also picture of one close to molting (late 3rd instar) at 1.2 - 1.3 cm One male Black Swallowtail actually emerged from its chrysalis today too! I don't know how long it will live, or if it will find a female to mate with this late in the year though. sulfurs In the morning, one molted. Don't have any idea which instar it is though. I'm sure I've missed most of the molts, and they look pretty much the same each time. I had been hoping to get really good pictures of each instar this year. Spicebush One has now started to turn yellow, so will be pupating soon!