More caterpillar updates

(I've been really bad about keeping this updated recently. I have kept notes though, so I will go back and add some old entries.) Black Swallowtails The 5th one molted. The orange/red spikes show on top now, and they have orange/red spots on their sides. White band around middle still shows. Got a picture at around 9 mm. The other 4 look like they will molt again soon. Got a picture of a 'black form' one at about 2.5 cm. Later in the day a couple molted again. Right after molting, they look pretty much like in the last instar. White band still visible, more red/orange spikes. sulfurs 1.7 - 1.8 cm in length. White stripe running along side is visible. A dark vein is also visible along back. Got some pictures. Spicebush Still 3.5 cm, not growing, but still look healthy. Painted Ladies The smallest of the Painted Ladies died, I don't know why. The next smallest may have just molted or is getting ready to. Got a picture. The next biggest is bigger, but still looks the same as on the 21st. It is really hard to follow these and to be able to tell when they have molted.