Still more caterpillars left

Still nice out today, but wasn't out as much and didn't see as many butterflies. The ones I did see are pretty much the same ones I've been seeing for a while, only in smaller numbers. I still have quite a few caterpillars around though. Two sulfurs: one of them molted today. They are around 5-6 mm Black Swallowtails: I found 5 newly hatched ones from that female that I saw lay eggs recently. Plus quite a few bigger ones. Monarchs: There is still one in the front. Spicebush Swallowtails: 2 ready to pupate any day now. Painted Ladies: Two of the ones I found the other day are starting to pupate now. The other 2 are still eating. Still some more left on the plants in the garden too. There are still some hummingbirds around too, but not as many. A couple days ago most of them must have starting moving south. Got more pictures back today, didn't have time to scan in yet.