I saw the first Viceroy today that I've seen this year. Viceroy It was feeding on one of the rotting bananas, along with a Comma and a Hackberry. I got pictures of both the Viceroy and the Comma, but the Comma only with it's wings closed. Saw lots of Painted Ladies around and Red Admirals too. At one point 2 Red Admirals were around and one landed briefly on my back. One female Black Swallowtail came out of its chrysalis today and I expect to have one Monarch emerge tomorrow. The Giants, I'm sure that's what they are, are doing fine. They molted again last night/early this morning at about 12:30 am. That will be their last molt before they pupate. The baby spiders look like they are doing fine and the female spider can still be seen, but she hides somewhat. I got a lot of pictures back today but I haven't had time to got through them all yet. And one set hasn't came back yet that I sent in over a week ago, I hope they didn't lose them.