More butterflies

Three male Black Swallowtails emerged from their chrysalis' today. I'm still concerned that they are coming out so late in the year and not overwintering as a chrysalis. More Painted Ladies were flying around. Always lots of Monarchs! I walked down by the creek and saw a Monarch nectaring at the flowers of a plant growing on a sort of island forming withing the creek. At the same time a small snake swam through the water and onto the same little island. While that was going on a squirrel scampered by, stopped at the edge the creek and took a drink of water. I'm so glad we live by a creek! It's so full of life, and yet some people consider it to be no more than a sewer! Here's a good gardening blog, I came across the other day: Mike's Garden Muse. In his Aug. 18 entry he mentions: 'The sprouts have been ravaged by caterpillers, there are loads of them. As we like the butterflies that they are hatching into, we have left the insects to their own devices. The buddleia were covered in red admiral and cabbage white butterflies this weekend, I've never seen so many butterflies in one place. ' I'm jealous, I don't believe I've seen any Red Admirals at my house yet this year!