Willows and Giants

I didn't see as many butterflies today, it was so hot it was hard to stay outside for very long. Saw some of the usuals though, like Monarchs and Hackberrys. Once I even saw 4 Hackberrys on a rotting banana at one time! Later I walked along some common area where I had seen some willows growing before. I took along my tree field guide to try to identify them. There was at least a couple different kinds there, maybe more. I took some cuttings, willows are supposed to be easy to start that way. Willows are host plants for Viceroys, Red Spotted Purples and some others. I also checked out a hop tree in that area for Giant Swallowtail eggs or larva. I haven't seen a Giant Swallowtail egg yet, but I found a couple eggs that are good candidates! Possible Giant Swallowtail egg