a Another day

Another day

A monarch laid still more eggs. The Monarch caterpillars in the enclosure are fine, getting much bigger. I found a few more small caterpillars on the milkweed too. I can't bring them all into the enclosure though, but hopefully a few of them will survive. Haven't seen a Giant Swallowtail today. I did see a Question Mark or Comma fly through the yard. So I hung some fresh bananas from the trees, hopefully the squirrels won't get these. Saw a small brown butterfly too. I don't know what it was and it wouldn't hold still for me to take a picture, might have been a skipper. A couple days ago I found a small group of orange eggs on a milkweed plant. I don't know what they are from, I hoping that they might be milkweed tussock moth eggs though.